Subsea Riser Clam

As our first projectwe chose a commercially usedSubsea Riser Clampin order to show theadvantages of optimisation AI driven design-to-manufacturing methods withGenerativeDesign, and the benefits of standardisation with Topology Optimisation CAD techniques.





We chose this particular product in order to demonstrate how anything can be optimised,made better, even an already heavily standardised machine. Our aimalways remainsthereduction of material use, the increment of efficiency and performance, and the reductionof environmental impact.

Portfolio Details

Topology optimization

Final results

• The finaltopology optimised designshows a 24.9% reduction in mass and anincrement in efficiency of 44.5% by comparison with the original design: this productis about 100Kg lighter and can withstand 10800Kg more load, bringing to an overallrise in performance of 86.76%.

• Thegenerative designshows a 32.8% reduction in mass and an increment inefficiency of 40.5% by comparison with the original design: this product is about150Kg lighter and can withstand 9800Kg more load, bringing to an overall rise inperformance of 116.62%.

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